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Do you want to make advances in the future? Then Brunata is ready with its own Internet of Things, which will give you endless possibilities to optimise everything from resource consumption to indoor climate, building condition and the quality of life of the residents. All with less time and hassle for you as an owner or administrator.

The core of the network is LoRaWAN®. Network technology that allows data from a very large number of individual meters and sensors to be collected. This data is collected in Brunata’s own cloud server, processed, visualised and sent back to the users, who get a clear and up-to-date overview of condition and consumption.

What is LoRaWAN®?

LoRaWAN® is a so-called low-power/long-range network that can cover large physical areas, is easy to install and can work with a high degree of data security. LoRaWAN® is also a form of open technology that is not supplier-bound.

6 concrete benefits

  • Complete overview of the property's consumption and condition with the least possible hassle and time consumption.
  • All vital meter data available online, so service workers should only be dispatched when there is actually something to service.
  • Possibility of averting problems by detecting moisture, leaks, heat loss and a deteriorating indoor climate early on.
  • Unique tools to optimise energy and save costs for residents, owners and administrators.
  • Well-functioning, high-quality properties for residents and users.
  • Access to a future-proof Internet of Things that supports smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities.

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