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New solutions for new demands

Ever-increasing demands are made of water as a clean and abundant resource, and thus also the country’s waterworks. Brunata offers a comprehensive solution that makes it possible to live up to the increasing demands – without it costing extra time and without expenses running rampant. The goal is to facilitate administration and increase quality for the waterworks’ consumers.

The heart of the solution are meters with the latest remote control technology that makes it easy to track consumption directly on a computer or mobile device. Leaks can be detected in time, and the individual customer can more easily keep track of their consumption and save costs.

Avoid the hassle - we offer the whole package

Brunata can provide a complete solution that includes everything from remotely read quality meters to installation, complete local network coverage, maintenance and administrative services, which include consumption statement and leak alerts. Of course, it is also possible to only choose our meters without the associated service package.

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The water utilities’ own app

Offer the consumer an app where they can track their consumption. The app is white label, i.e., you can add your own logo and design.

Advantages of the app:

  • Provides consumers with an overview of their own consumption.
  • Consumers can monitor their consumption, among other things, by information on increasing consumption through self-defined notification limits.
  • Consumption is displayed on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • The waterworks contribute to a greener world, where consumption and energy-use are reduced.

5 reasons to choose Brunata

  • Hardware, network, data and services from the same provider
  • Leakage alerts and consumption statement included in the purchase
  • Competitive prices on total solutions
  • Savings on water consumption
  • Local partner with global strength

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Time-saving services

Meet the water meters of the future

We offer a comprehensive range of quality water meters from Zenner – all based on the latest technology with, among other things, ultrasonic meters.

Utility meter

IUW – Ultrasonic Bulk
Water Meter

The latest, accurate utility meter from ZENNER. The meter is based on ultrasonic technology and has been developed specifically for use in drinking water supply and industry. It is extremely accurate and has a built-in radio for remote reading. The meter is suitable for keeping track of entire and selected parts of the supply network.

Billing meter

IUWS – Ultrasonic Domestic
Water Meter

With its accurate measurements, the IUWS ultrasonic water meter provides the best starting point for accurate consumption statements. It has a built-in radio for remote reading and has an LCD display for easy reading for the customer. Available in versions that cover the needs of the smallest to the largest buyers.

Billing meter

Single Jet

A mechanical single-jet water meter. The affordable solution with sufficient precision for approved consumption statements.

The meter has a built-in radio module for remote reading. Suitable for consumers with smaller consumption.

The road to a safe water utility

The intelligent network we install for your meters is IoT-compatible and can therefore be easily used for other types of intelligent solutions. An obvious area of focus is securing the waterworks against intruders.

Here, sensors can be connected to the network so you can see if, for example, gates, doors, windows or covers in the well station have been opened.

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Get a local partner with global strength

Brunata is one of Europe’s most innovative companies in the field of consumption measurement, energy management and water supply. We are a Danish company with proud traditions, and at the same time part of a strong international partnership with German company Zenner, a manufacturer of high-quality meter products.

Our ambition is to bring waterworks into the future with the latest technology for the benefit of both the environment and consumers, and with sound economics.

Brunata offers a comprehensive solution for waterworks that eases administration and increases quality for the waterworks’ consumers.