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Running Toilet Monitoring

Running Toilet Monitoring is part of Brunata's Smart Building services, which consists of intelligent monitoring services for residential, business and public properties.

Find and fix running toilets with intelligent sensors

Help residents stop running toilets from wasting water and improve the overall sustainability of your building with intelligent running toilet sensors.

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A running toilet can waste up to 1100 litres of water per day

A running toilet can waste up to 1,100 liters of water in 24 hours. That is the equivalent of 10 standard sized bathtubs. And most running toilets go undetected for weeks.
(Source: The Danish Energy Agency, 2021″”)

Running toilets can often be easily fixed, but most residents do not realise their toilet is running until they see their water bill.

If a cistern has been leaking for weeks or even months, the water consumption can be more than doubled, and for some residents, this might mean they are unable to pay their water bill and will have to leave their apartment.

How the running toilet service works

Brunata’s running toilet service monitors the water supply to the cistern. If constant flow is detected in the hose, you can receive a notification by e-mail, if you have opted for automatic notifications in Brunata Online.

Reduce unintentional water consumption
By locating and fixing running toilets, you and your residents can avoid water waste and soaring water bills.

Quickly locate running toilets
A running cistern is not always visible to the naked eye. With the intelligent toilet sensors, you can be sure that running toilets are detected quickly, and you receive a notification by e-mail.

Automatically notify the right people
You can add up to 8 e-mail addresses to the notification list, which is convenient if e.g. the facility management team need to be notified of the water waste as well.

The 3 building blocks of Brunata’s smart running toilet alarm

Intelligent sensors

Intelligent sensors monitor the water supply to the cistern and detect whether there is constant flow in the hose.

Brunata Online data overview

Brunata's online platform provides an overview of data across all your properties.
Brunata Online displays data from toilet sensors and can alert via e-mail to self-selected e-mail addresses if a running toilet is detected.

Full service included

Brunata's experienced service technicians mount, monitor and maintain sensors so you do not have to worry about batteries or installation.

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Features - running toilet sensor

  • Wireless
  • Accelerometer in the sensor measures the water supply to the cistern
  • Measurement accuracy down to 8 litres of water per hour
  • Network: LoRaWAN® (868 MHz)
  • Transmission frequency: every 10 minutes


Do you want to know more about the sensor?

Download the datasheet here

Did you know …?

A running toilet can waste up to 1100 liters of clean water per day. This corresponds to 10 full bathtubs. Often the toilet can run for several weeks before it is detected.

Source: Energistyrelsen, 2021


Our Smart Building services are based on a subscription model:

For more details on pricing go to your local website

The price per service includes:

  • Sensor
  • Acces to overview and sensor data in Brunata Online
  • Full service – on sensors (installation, replacement when battery runs out and ongoing service.

No added service fees, no surprises – full transparency on the price.

Let us help you calculate the price on your Smart Building solution, also if you have a larger project or tender.

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Start preventing running toilets in 3 simple steps

1. Adapt solution

Our experienced sales team will help you identify your needs and find the right solution.

2. Installation

Brunata's competent technicians install the sensors and LoRaWAN® network as required.

3. Start monitoring

Keep track of the condition of your buildings with Brunata Online - you can automatically receive notifications in case of irregularities.

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